Awards 2022

Being held on the evening of 26th Feb 2022 at our conference.

We are excited to bring you our first-ever CWIBL Awards Night! A special night that will celebrate Christian women in all aspects of Business and Leadership. We encourage you to nominate yourself and gain recognition for your business and leadership accomplishments. 

We will be celebrating all the nominations, finalists and announcing our 2022 Award Winners at our CWIBL Conference Awards Night. A great night to celebrate all we have worked for and achieved over the last year!

Below you will find the details of our categories, the important dates for registration and closure, and instructions on how to nominate yourself…

We can’t wait to receive your nominations and celebrate together at our first-ever Annual CWIBL Awards Night.

It’s time to get your favourite Cocktail Dress and see the amazing work being done for the Kingdom, through amazing women like yourself!

SJ xx

Award Categories

Influential Leader

 An award that recognises an inspirational business leader who demonstrates an outstanding entrepreneurial spirit, strategic business direction, and innovative ideas. Someone who uses the weight of her influence wisely, with grace and to grow others.

Business 2 Business Service

This award recognises service-based businesses that have achieved outstanding results in all aspects of business, including customer service, innovation, and resilience. Coming alongside other businesses and helping them rise above and beyond.

Outstanding Young Star

This award recognises exceptional young business women who are an inspiration to all rising generations. Young women who have shown great growth, both business and personal. Who forge ahead and make a path for those following them. For women aged 18 – 30.

Kingdom Spirit

An award for those who offer their time, heart and spirit. They are dedicated to seeing the Kingdom expand through: not-for-profits; charities; volunteering or missions. This may be your own business/ministry or one that you work/volunteer for.

Health, Wellness & Beauty

This award recognises health, wellness & beauty based businesses that have achieved outstanding results in all aspects of business, including creativity, innovation, and resilience. 

Creative Product

This award recognises creative Product based businesses that have achieved outstanding results in all aspects of product creation, including originality, innovation, and uniqueness or product.

Important Dates

Nominations open – Monday 6 December 2021

Nominations close – Friday 14 January 2022

Nomination forms due – Friday 19 January 2022

Finalists announced – Friday 4 February 2022

Cocktail awards – Saturday 26 February 2022

How The Nominations Work...

1 – To start your nomination/s, make your payment through the button below.

2 – You may enter as many categories as you would like to enter
(as long as the category it is relevant to you and your business/organisation).
For each category nomination, it is a cost of $25.00 plus GST. 

*For 3 categories, it’s $75.00 + GST and you would need to change the quantity at the checkout to match your category nominations.

3 – After payment has been made you will be sent a Welcome Pack with the relevant information and questions you need to fill out. We’ve also added a few Tips & Tricks and some FAQ’s.

4 – Read the Nomination Form thoroughly
(this will come as a Word doc. for you to easily fill out at your leisure).

5 – The Awards Team will go through all the nominations and the finalists will be announced on February 4th. You will be informed if you have made it through as a finalist.

6 – Finalists will be invited to an interview with the judges and asked a series of questions that we will let you know before hand.

7 – Winners will be announced at our Cocktail Awards Night on the Saturday of our Conference weekend. 

You can purchase your Awards Evening or Conference Ticket Here >>

More Information 

+ If you are already attending conference, your ticket already includes entry into the Awards Night, including soft drinks & food.

+ You are more than welcome to nominate yourself for more than one category.

+ Please refer to the Terms & Conditions below the FAQ for the finer details.

If you have any questions about the awards, after you’ve read through this whole page, FAQ, and Terms & Conditions below, then email us directly at

You will nominate your own business/mission/NFP.

Awesome! Simply make your investment of $25 per entry and download the entry form and the submission form. Keep an eye out for an email from us saying we have received your application. All entries must be received by midnight Friday 14 January 2022. Remember to select the quantity of how many categories you’d like to apply for when paying. If your payment doesn’t reflect how many categories you’d like to nominate yourself for, we will pick the first category you have answered as just one entry. There will be no refunds for change of mind, and if you want to add more categories, you will need to add more submission payments with your selected categories.

Answers are scored according to how well it answers the questions and criteria. Scores will be analysed to determine winners. The application with the highest score will be determined the winner of that category (not including the People’s Choice Award)

We are still confirming our Judging Panel, there will be a mixture of male & females from all different markets and industries.

To ensure we meet our timeframes, all applications need to be submitted by midnight Friday 14 January 2022. No extensions or exceptions will be granted.

Yes. The cost of entering is $25 per category you have entered.

As many as you like! A fee of $25 per category is applicable.

Yes. Every question must be answered to validate your entry. Answer questions carefully, and be sure to highlight every business achievement. Make sure you refer to our tips document.

If you are a finalist and/or winner, you will be provided with marketing material that will promote your business. You will also be featured in our magazine and throughout our social promos, thus increasing opportunities and networking.

Simply email your entry form and submission form along with your high-res photo via email to


Please read all terms and conditions.y

Agreeing to the terms and conditions and giving permission for your quotes, images, video, audio, and any other materials associated with the CWIBL Awards and /or your submission to be used by CWIBL is a condition of entry. Completing your submission indicates your agreement to abide by these terms.

Entrants must be either from Australia or New Zealand and own their own businesses, non-profit organisations, or blogs.

To enter your application there is a fee of $25 for all nominations.

Nominees must display the CWIBL Award Nominee Banner on their website or blog with a link back to Winners in all categories must display the CWIBL Awards Winner button on their homepage for 12 months.

Winners will be announced at the CWIBL Annual Conference Awards Cocktail Party. All finalists present will be acknowledged at the CWIBL Annual Conference. IN an event that COVID stops us from holding the event or moving the event night, the award will be announced via a virtual event or at the new nominated date.

All Christian women that own/run business/s and/or are in leadership positions are eligible to enter an award, including members and non-members.

CWIBL staff and family members are ineligible to enter the awards. Volunteers and social leaders may enter.

We have a zero-tolerance policy on bullying. Bullying, harassment or intimidation of other contestants will not be tolerated. This includes attempting to contact the awards coordinators with negative information about nominees or encouraging third party individuals to cause trouble for fellow nominees.

Nominees behaving unethically or unprofessionally may be disqualified at the coordinators discretion and will not be refunded. No correspondence will be entered into.

These awards are competitive and not everyone can be a finalist or a winner, while this may be disappointing for some, all entrants are expected to always act professionally. Individuals who fail to act professionally may be asked to retract their nomination from the awards and will not be refunded.

These awards are provided by the Christian Women in Business and Leadership to support, encourage and celebrate the efforts of CWIBL out in the marketplace and all nominees are asked to be respectful of the CWIBL staff, volunteers and our awards partners’ brands. Individuals who fail to abide by these guidelines at the awards coordinators’ discretion, may be eliminated from the awards and not refunded.

Due to the large volume of emails we receive, we regret to inform that we are unable to answer all individual email questions regarding the awards, please refer to the FAQ before emailing us.

Completed applications will be made available for public viewing on our website.

Accepting these terms and conditions is a condition of entry.


Judging Categories

Finalists in the judged categories will be contacted by email with confirmation they have qualified as finalists by Friday 4 February 2022.

Judging is based on your entry submission. The panel decision is final, and no correspondence will be entered into.

The finalists list will also be published on website.

Finalists in the judged categories will be interviewed on Zoom from 7 – 11 February 2022.

Winners in each category will be announced at the CWIBL Annual Conference Awards Cocktail Party.

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